With each New Year comes a wealth of new technological opportunities for events, associations, and more. Knowing about these trends allows these industries to tackle the New Year head-on, prepared to harness the latest in tech for the benefit of their members and clients.

So again for 2017, we have released an informative infographic showing the top event tech trends for the year.

Each trend in the infographic is accompanied by a recent statistic to prove its relevancy for 2017. Additionally, we have included examples of how you can utilize the tech to your organization’s advantage.

Without further ado, here are our top 8 tech trends for 2017:

         1. Virtual/ Augmented Reality
         2. Gamification
         3. Wearable Technology
         4. 3D Printing
         5. Live Streaming
         6. Software Integration
         7. AI Technology
         8. Big Data

Throughout our research of 2016, we noticed a huge growth in technology usage. There weren’t any “groundbreaking” releases, but rather we saw existing technology become more accepted.

Get the full list of trends!

Visit the 2017 Tech Trends page by Results@Hand to download the infographic today and prep for the upcoming New Year!