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3 Reasons Why Group Registration is a Mandatory Feature in Your Event Software. In today’s event software world, group registration seems to be more of the norm, rather than the exception. And thank goodness. Still, there are many event management tools out there that make it difficult for a group to register easily together for an event.

And by easily register together, I don’t just mean that they can all be associated together as one group. True group registration should allow grows to register quickly, seamlessly and with any more hassle when it comes to completing forms and making payments, as it would for an individual.

Below are 3 reasons why GOOD group registration is a mandatory feature for your event software!

Reason #1: Make it quick and easy!

You want an event software that makes registration easy. If an event that a group is attending has different activities, dates, times, etc. make sure that your registration process is personalized for each individual in the group.

Look for software that allows you to easily manage your attendees, including adding and removing certain individuals from the group. If there are multiple events, say a conference with many sessions, allowing each individual to sign up for, and make changes, to their schedule will help you to avoid confusion.

Reason #2: Get the right information the first time around.

Start by allowing the head of the group fill in the basic information that applies to everyone, and then for each individual. Instead of asking the same general questions over and over for each applicant you can streamline the process and avoid repeating the same question over and over, which is a waste of time.

By cutting down on wasted time and redundancy, you are more likely to get the right information the first time around, and get it on time!

Reason #3: Get paid faster!

The beauty of a software that balances the group vs. the individual is that you will more than likely see more on time and completed payments if you make it easy for the group and the individual to make payments in your system.

More options is always better. This means that the group admin can easily make a bulk payment to cover the fees of everyone in his group, or just make a one time payment directed towards one individual. Setting up payment plans should be easy to make paying for a large amount of money more manageable, as well as setting up individual payment plans and adding multiple payment methods, for each participant.

When you give more payment options that allow people to pay how THEY need to pay, you will get paid faster, guaranteed.


Group registration and payment capabilities within your event software is all about flexibility and ease of use for attendees. And by making the process easy and stress free, you also avoid all of the problems, questions and issues that arise when groups, large or small, are registering for your events. These problems are time consuming for you and take you away from actually planning your event and making it great.

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