3 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Event Entertainment

When booking entertainment for events it’s all too easy to solely focus on the specific points in an event’s timeline when entertainment will be required to fill the lull and keep guests engaged. However, event entertainment has so much more potential than this, here are three ways to get the most out of your event entertainment:

1) Use Your Entertainment For Pre-Promotion

You may have booked entertainment to perform at the main event but there is no reason why you cannot use them in your pre-promotion efforts. This may come at a slight extra cost, but nothing compared to what you would pay for an additional act.

Depending on the type of event you have planned you could ask your performers to create a teaser video – this could be used across your social media channels to create hype surrounding your event and to interact with attendees. This form of event pre-promotion works particularly well for product launches and trade shows, (as a whole or if you are hosting a stand), as the event will already be a hot topic with guests trying to connect with fellow attendees in advance.

If you’re holding a VIP party or corporate end of year celebration you could use your entertainment in the invitations, be it an image or a video. Having your event entertainment personally appear as part of your invite will be sure to get guests excited about attending.

You could event invite your entertainment to take part in a flashmob in a public location, or use them in promotional adverts including posters and videos.

It’s important to remember that engaging attendees before your event is a great way to guarantee an above average turn out.

2) Multitalented Performers

Most performers are skilled in more than one performance art, whether they are multi-instrumentalists or all-round circus artists. You’ll often find that the singer from the band you’ve booked for the evening party can perform in a different configuration during the drinks reception, and that one of the band members is also a DJ available to play after the band have finished their sets.

It’s also rare to come across a circus performer who isn’t versed in a range of acrobatic and aerial disciplines, each have their specialisms but most are experienced in more than one performance skill. This means they could, if desired, perform interchangeable sets with different disciplines throughout your event.

Many walkabout performers and characters are also adept face paint artists and balloon modellers, meaning they can provide additional services at your event that you may not otherwise have been able to procure within your budget.

It’s always worth asking to find out if the entertainment you had in mind for your event can offer multiple services for little or no extra charge.

3) Live Social Media

There is no better way to promote your event than live social media and this is something that you can easily get your event entertainment to join in with!

Whether you’ve booked a live band, professional dance group, walkabout characters or a magician, chances are that as performers they have a strong online presence. They’ll also want to promote the fact that they are performing at your amazing event – so it’s beneficial for both parties! Get your event marketing team to coordinate with your event entertainment to form a united front when it comes to promoting your event online – always remember to set out clear guidelines including use of your social media ID and event hashtag. Here are some great ideas for doing so:

– Live backstage video. Live stream videos are incredibly popular and make for interesting content, (that often gains traction), to share across a range of platforms. Your chosen event entertainment could stream a short 15-second video of them backstage about how excited they are to perform at your event!
– Live onstage video. Depending on the type of performance, a video of the crowd going wild is a great way to show off your successful event and audience turn out!
– Selfies. The selfie is not yet dead! Get your act to take pictures of themselves at various times throughout your event, of themselves interacting with your guests, of themselves with your event staff… you get the idea. Strike a pose, because the more photos you have to share the better.

As much as live social media is great there are also so many ways that you can create content live at the event to use later, to remind event attendees of what a fantastic time they had! Not posting it live means that you can take more time over curating this content. There are a number of different ways to ensure it is just as engaging and shareable as the live pieces:

– Have your act wear a Go-Pro during their performance. This works especially well if what they offer is high-energy or uses spectacular effects. It’s a great way to capture the crowd’s reaction and puts viewers in the shoes of the performers. You can use the footage in a compilation video to promote your event, or in a public (or personal) thank you to your event attendees.
– Create a time lapse. This could be of your performers getting ready backstage, of your act performing in a specific location, and works particularly well if there is a constant turn around of event attendees.

Are You Making The Most?

There are so many different ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your event entertainment, and we hope that we have enlightened you to three of the most effective ways.

Of course not all entertainment options will be able to deliver these extras, but if these are things that you are looking for in your event entertainment it’s worth talking to acts directly or your entertainment contact if you’re using an agency.

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