Each year new technologies make their way to the world and with these tech innovations come a lot of opportunities for event planners to incorporate them. Such technologies provide the bulk of opportunities for planners to give their events a tech-savvy and cunning touch that not only defines the interest of the planner in technology but also helps in getting more fruitful results. 2017 was also the year that brought with itself different new trends for event managers. Where, some latest technologies became part of the meeting and conference industry many existing also made way for this ever-growing industry.

Here is the list of top 5 trending technologies that revolutionized the event planning in 2017.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID):

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology based on radio signals to enable communication between a transmitter and the receiver. The sender and receiver do not require being in the line of sight. The technology can work up-to several feet. Basically, it has a tag that can be incorporated anywhere and in anything. One can even embed it into his clothes. Event planners readily accepted it and found a way to use it in the conferences with a large pool of attendees.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is another addition to the world of event technology. Projecting digital images on the firm solid surface or physical objects, this technology can be used in events to project different things very artistically and engaging manner. An event planner before the eve of a product launch can use this technology to give attendees a very deep insight of how the product will actually be. Besides, event managers are already up and using this amazing technology in business gatherings.

Appleā€™s iPad remains the best choice for planners:

When Apple launched its iPad series they surely have not imagined it would become so much popular among professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate conference and meetings planners. Why Android or Apple tablets are the first choices of any tech-savvy conference planner, because, they are extremely beneficial in hundreds of ways. Though its price is relatively high, iPad rental services have made it very easy to hire any latest model at a very low price.

Specific iPad and Android Applications for business meeting planners:

An event-specific application built specifically with the aim to aid business entrepreneurs and event managers in creating successful and unforgettable experiences. Most iPad hire services in the USA offer custom and package applications for meetings and large conferences. Many big companies also develop custom applications for their large conferences, meetings, and tradeshows. Mostly such apps enable to read the success of any event. Event applications are also very useful for attendees as well.

Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology is also setting a trend among event organizers. Organizers are using wearable technology for a variety of purposes during the large conferences. The technology is continuously getting fame and helps both the organizers as well attendees. Communication between audiences or marking your attendance at a large conference is quite easy with this tech.