event essentials

7 Event Essentials To Pack – When it comes to packing your bag before a show we can often be a little absent minded and forget a few key essentials. We’ve compiled a list of a few gadgets and basic necessities we use at our events and where we got them from:

1. The Backpack

A good backpack is a must. The EO Travel Backpack from incase is an absolute pleasure to take to an event. Ample space, loads of compartments and pockets for all your nerdy gadgets, strong, durable and it can fit all the junk you normally accumulate at a show. We love it!

2. Portable Wifi Hub

We all know that hotel and expo centre wifi can often cost an arm and a leg. If you’re not in your home country this can become event more exasperating. We admit they’re not 100% perfect, but if you’re in a bind they can be pretty useful. Consider getting a portable wifi hub and purchase an international sim card to work in it. Cheap and a good back up.

3. Handheld Scanner

If you’re phone camera won’t do and you need accurate and multiple scans then it may be worth taking along a portable scanner. These little gadgets can store a vast volume of data and are pretty small to boot. We use the Canon and it’s served us pretty well over the years

4. The wireless powerpoint controller

One of the easiest things to miss off the AV list and possibly one which annoys speakers most, a clicker. That’s right this small bit of kit can make your event go a lot easier and allow your speakers to relax in their presentations. We enjoy the Logitech version which combines a powerpoint controller and laser pointer built in, but there are loads out there.

5. Travel Adapter

….and while we’re at it charging, don’t forget the travel adaptor. More modern ones have additional USB ports built in

6. Portable Phone Charger

It always happens at every event, you will always run out of power. No matter how many phone charging stations you will use, whether you take an extra iphone cable with you or not. You will 100% always run out of power. Then why not take one of these little gadgets with you and charge your phone on the go. Cheap and loads to choose from, portable phone chargers

7. Business Card Holder and Folio

They may be a little old school, but it’s hard to see a day when we will actually get rid of them fully. The business cad holder as it’s always awkward being caught short and if you can a matching folio to carry around your numerous papers on the day.