Negotiating With A Event Venue

9 Tips For Negotiating With A Event Venue. It can be a difficult and stressful process negotiating with event venues at times. The emotions involved, budge overspends, hidden costs, additional fees, minimum spends, tight time frames and general stress of a show can all cause you unseen bother. We’ve detailed below our brief guide on how to mitigate this stress, plan ahead and negotiate the best price:

1.  What’s your overall budget? Plan it fully, what do you think it should cost? Don’t tell the venue this ever as this can affect prices you are shown.

2.  Hunt around. Don’t get hung up on one specific must have venue. Make things easier on yourself and find at least 3 venues if possible in a similar range that you would be happy with

3.  Request prices from different avenues. Try and get quotes for the same venue from booking websites, calling up and placing yourself and potentially asking friends or colleagues to as well. See what they offer in each case.

4.  Play off all the venues against each other, compare terms, compare costs and pick the best options from each. Use this to then go back to your preferred option.

5.  Contracts can be rewritten and policies can be changed. Often venues will say they have a minimum charge, a minimum spend, a specific onerous policy. Don’t buy it, challenge them, ask for them to be removed if you think it’s too much.

6.  Watch out for contract changes. It’s been known that in the past some venues (who shall remain nameless) have tried to change previously agreed terms in contacts, watch out for this – its underhand and technically illegal. Reread the final contract and ensure you’re fully happy. If you are unsure of any terms check it full

7.   Always be prepared to walk away, if the contract is too complicated, fees too high or minimum spend too much of a risk. Then you must walk away and find a new place.

8.  Check the final bill you are given. Ensure that what you are being charged is what you actually received. If you are unhappy with the service then now is the time to raise the issue.

9.  Did you get what you were after? If you’ve not received what was agreed then raise this with the event management, ask for a discount if needed on the final price.

10.  Stick with the venues you like. If you are treated well on the day of the show, if the site inspection, contract negotiation and final price were to your satisfaction then show some loyalty and also save yourself future issues and use them again!