Event Sponsors

9 Ways to rebook Event Sponsors – Rebooking event sponsors at shows is often key to the long term growth of an event. We detail below in a short and handy brief the best ways to retain and rebook your sponsors. The examples below are for an expo, however, the majority of the advice is applicable to any event with sponsors onsite.

   1. Prep yourself before the show. Sort the plans for the following year: venue, dates, scope of the event, changes, improvements, branding, name, floorplan, sponsor opportunities etc.

   2. Prep the sponsor before they arrive. This can be a simple email or word on the phone before the show, let them know about the following year’s event

   3. Build your office. Create an area at the show which is yours, this is your sales HQ for the day and a great place to discuss and present the show to new clients and old alike.

   4. Discount your prices with a deadline. Set a reduced rate for booking on site, make it an enticing discount with a reasonable deadline on the day.

   5. Meet all your sponsors. Personally meet them on day one, it can be a busy day for everyone but ensure you say hello even if you’ve known them for years (this may sound silly, but it is often overlooked at shows due to time constraints and pressures on the day)

   6. Survey the mood. Discuss with the team who you think is enjoying the event. Draw up your hit list of who will be likely to come back.

   7. The pitch. Go back to the sponsors towards the end of day one, discuss the following year, show them the plans and the brochure. Gauge interest and see if they’re willing to sign, don’t be afraid to ask the question!

   8. E-mail. Ensure you follow up by email after you’ve pitched, include your proposal and the deadline again – keep it short and simple. This email may have to be forwarded on for approval.

   9. Closing time. Go back to all sponsors who were receptive (and even those who weren’t as they may have changed their mind). Speak with them before any potential lull in the event and ask them directly if they will join, offer a discount if needed, throw in free extras to sweeten the deal and explain that the show is filling up.

Normally these 9 steps along with some confidence are all that’s required to make your show rebookings a success.