New eGuide For Event Venues By UK Association of Event Venues

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) have once again published their helpful Summer 2016 eGuide. You can now download it for free here:, you can get the complete guide or if you’re pressed for time or have a short attention span just download the section which is relevant to you.

The eGuide is jam packed full of guidance and advice on all things venue related from: telecoms and connectivity, safety, expo stand construction, threats and safety issues and many other challenges and tips. The idea behind the guide is to give venues the best working practices, updated government regulations and best industry practices to the event community.

AEV director, Rachel Parker said of the release, “We’re very grateful to the eGuide Working Group for its tireless efforts leading to the release of the Summer 2016 edition of the eGuide. This document has become the ‘go-to’ source of guidance and information on regulations within the participating venues. It has reached this position because of the hard work and diligence of those who work to keep it up to date and accurate.”

The guide will be updated twice a year, so check back periodically to ensure you’re up to date!

To read more about the Association of Event Venues go to: