There are loads of different ways to build your own event website, from a simple holding page to a fully responsive, content rich website there are hundreds of options. We strongly believe that the WordPress Content Managed System is one of the best ways to manage your website, it’s free, open source, easy to use and there is a great community out there to help with design and additional widgets. Read more here about wordpress.

With your WordPress CMS you are able to upload thousands of different themes to create the look and feel you require. This means that you can simply buy an of the shelf design for a relatively cheap amount of money and create your own custom looking site.

Below we recommend a few different themes you may want to consider using for your next event website.


Meetup Conference and Event

This clean, modern and great looking website allows you to create your own specific event site and to register people to your show.

meet up

Sahiva – Responsive news, media event website

This hi-tech looking site allows you to add content, news articles, and any info you need for your specific industry or event in a fully responsive theme. The website is fully optimised for mobile sites. This theme is a great way of displaying your industry content alongside your event website.


Simple Mag – Create simple content

This is a great little website for you to provide simple content online. It’s very clean and easy design does not overcomplicate things and allows you to focus on your core business without taking up too much time updating your site.

simple mag

 Flatsome -eCommerce website

Looking to sell specific products alongside your event? Maybe you would like a separate website to simply sell merchandise. Look no further than Flatsome, a really great and fully customiseable ecommerce site.


Expo 18 

One of the leading exhibition and event websites. Include speakers, sponsors, slideshow header. This site can be customised for hundreds of different events and will allow you to keep the same formatting throughout, a no brainer really

expo 18


Evento is another great option instead of Expo18. Ignore the standard photo on the demo above, simply look at the functionality, speaker updates, agenda, full event info.



If none of the above meet your fancy then do not fear, there are tens of thousands of options on Theme Forest which you can check out.

Theme Forest event website