Seeking for business development and global trading access, companies put a lot of efforts they could enter and succeed in trade shows. And it is frequent, trade shows are time-tested and traditional move that connects target audience with direct communication. No one wants to reject it.

However, facing with some boundaries (investments, time, distance…), companies see it as a risky deal because of the ROI, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That is why they keep a look for outside alternatives. Need a solution.

Here it comes a proposition for trade shows’ organizers. Directly for organizers, but creating a new value for trade shows attendees – exhibitors and visitors as well.

Next to the traditional show space, an organizer offers a new activity during the show – “Virtual Meeting Island” – an opportunity for exhibitors to attend trade shows remotely getting the same visitors traffic.

As our survey revealed, the feature of Traditional + Virtual expo combination would encourage 62% of companies which do not attend trade shows at all. The interest is even greater among the companies that were already looking for new alternatives. A call for a need.

In this case, the position of “Virtual Meeting Island” creates a new niche for organizers to increase the number of participants involving SMEs engagement. That allows to create not only bigger event with new opportunities, but also can generate x 4 additional incomes comparing with traditional rental deal

For SMEs, it is a great opportunity to test new markets and their products minimizing attendance risk – avoiding travelling, equipment’s delivering, stand’s designing expenses. Due to this, small and medium-sized companies are set free from boundaries and are able to enter global trade shows as far away as they wish to. Getting the feedback, it allows them to make the right decision for the next year show with full attendance package.

For visitors, it gives more potential to meet common manufacturers and creators who cannot come to current trade show because of the mentioned reasons.

Here it comes a partnership story. The technology of Traditional + Virtual expo combination was created on a purpose to improve trade shows industry and bring in flexibility not only for attendees, but for organizers as well.