Everybody has been talking about “ecofriendly” and “paperless” for years already but it really starts buzzing in the B2B circles since recently.

What really convinces the event industry isn’t only the “save the planet” aspect of it but the ability to improve business results.
Short overview of the benefits of #paperless strategies at trade shows.

#paperless saves the planet
Trade shows typically wastes tons and tons of paper each year: all the marketing material, leads reports, notebooks, posters, decorations… all these elements that aren’t reusable and usually end-up in a trash bin represent a huge wastage for the environment.
Going #paperless is a great step towards a cleaner earth and more eco-friendly business behaviors.
But there’s more!

#paperless reduces costs
What if instead of printing three types of flyers, lots of brochures and catalogs and lead report sheets to make sure you account for any potential visitor, you would go fully digital?
Using cloud services gives you more flexibility: instead of having a “one-fits-all” flyer or printing many different leaflets to cater for all types of prospects, have your files online and distribute them via QR codes or emails. You gain in flexibility and reduce your printing cost, not mentioning you huge gain in terms of logistics!
Using lead capture tools also helps you getting rid of your pen&paper notes-taking method that is both wasting paper and reducing your efficiency. Use your phone or tablet to record visitors’ information – your data will be more accurate and more accessible, you will be able to reduce drastically your follow-up delays and be more responsive with your prospects.
But what do visitors think about it?

#paperless satisfies visitors
You would think that not having leaflets could be a problem for visitors, right?
On the contrary! Visitors will be grateful if you offer them digital files instead of printed ones! Have you noticed how busy they are, carrying samples and documents around the event? They usually need to drag some luggage with them to be able to keep it all together.
Offering them digital files is the best way to offer convenience to your prospects while making sure they don’t throw it in the first trash bin available. Not to mention digital files enable tracking!
Do you need one more argument to switch to #paperless? Here it comes.

#paperless is good for your image
Beyond being great for your business, your visitors’ satisfaction and the planet, #paperless is also great for your brand image.
People and companies become more and more sensitive to eco-friendly solutions and while this isn’t yet a major element in a solution’s choice it definitely has an impact on the decision maker.

Convinced yet? For the sake of the planet and your business’ one, start exploring #paperless solutions today and reduce your paper waste at trade shows!

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