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Event news for the whole event industry globally. We like to discuss all the latest event news from: event launches, reviews of venues, event technology, new planning tips and guides, negotiating with event venues, event planning, ideas for new events and how to make a great show, launches, trade shows exhibitions and much more. If you are an event professional and looking to compare the latest event ideas updates then look no further. We cover everything event related. Our primary markets are: UK, Europe, North America, Australia and S.E. Asia.

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QuickMobile Jumps to No 5 on 2014 PROFIT 500

QuickMobile Jumps to Number Five on the 2014 PROFIT 500 VANCOUVER, B.C. – June 12, 2014 – QuickMobile, the recognized global leader in mobile event app solutions,...

Fullerton Bay Awarded “Best New Business Hotel in Asia-Pacific”

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore Awarded "Best New Business Hotel in Asia-Pacific" in Business Traveller Asia-Pacific's 2013 Travel Awards Three years since opening its doors...