China’s newest exhibition centre – Zhuhai. Southern China has over the last 40 years stood at the centre of Chinese wealth and development. With strong links to previous British run Hong Kong and Portuegese Macau the Southern Chinese benefited well from trade links. Over the years this led to a phenomenal growth in wealth, population and size of South China in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan and Guangzhou.

The latest addition to the area in the events world is the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre which is due to open in Mid 2017. The convention centre will open at a similar time to a road bridge linking Hong Kong to the city, thus linking Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai. The strategically placed exhibition centre is hoped to capitalise on its location for international MICE groups as a gateway to China.

There is to be over 30,000 square metres of exhibition space and 40 meeting rooms to cater to all event needs. The sprawling complex will include a St.Regis and a Sheraton hotel, apartments, shops, entertainment facilities and a large music venue. It is hoped that visiting groups will have all amenities catered for them onsite.

We look forward to checking out the new venue.