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5 Essential Tools For Event Organizers in 2015

This post was written by Janet Newenham, Community with Meetingsbooker.com

With the number of new apps and organizational tools coming on the market ever increasing, it can be hard to know which ones to download, which ones to use and which ones to simply delete. There are, however, a few must have tools that every event organizer should try have in their life this year as they are guaranteed to save you time, save you energy and make your busy life a lot less stressful!

5. Meetingsbooker

Before you can even begin to organize your event, you are going to need to find the perfect venue. Meetingsbooker enables event organizers to easily search 1,000’s of hotel and conference spaces, pick which ones they like the best and then have the various hotels submit competitive proposals to try and ‘win’ the event. It takes the stress out of finding a venue as you don’t have to call all the various hotels looking for quotes.

4. Brewster

Once you have the basics of your event planned and your venue booked, it’s time to start getting in touch with all the various parties involved. It used to be a big task to go through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your phone book to find all the numbers you need. Not anymore though, as Brewster is here to help. Brewster gathers all your contacts, from all your devices, and stores them in one secure place making your life a whole lot easier. When your contact updates their number/email/address, it updates automatically in your Brewster App. Pure brilliance.

3. Eventbrite

Once your venue is booked, all you need to do is find people to fill the room. That’s where the Godsend that is Eventbrite comes into place, as it will help you set the event up, promote it on their site and across their various social media sites and make it easy for people to RSVP to your event instantly. You can also easily stay in touch with all attendees through the site sending them event reminders or directions.

2. RouteHappy

If you travel a lot to attend conferences and events, and dread that early morning flight, then this is the app for you! RouteHappy helps passengers not only search for flights, but search for flights and airlines that have the highest ‘happiness’ factor. They rate each and every airline, flight and route using a variety of factors such as how fast check in, how comfortable the seats are, if there are power sockets or if there are free refreshments on board. This is the ‘must-have’ app for business travellers.

1. Zirtual 

We have so many tasks to do every day that often 100;s of emails remain unread and left without response for days. Zirtual is essentially a virtual personal assistant there to help you out with the things you simply don’t have time to do. Aimed at Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Small Teams, it can coordinate travel plans, manage your calendar of events, create itineraries and even reply to your emails for you. Zirtual is an excellent time saver for all event planners.