brussels events

Events Canceled Due to Terror Attacks and Heightened Threat Across Europe. The recent atrocities committed in Brussels has led to an increased threat of attack throughout Europe. A range of exhibitions, conferences and meetings have as a result been cancelled. The majority f the cancellations have been seen in Brussels itself.

The Plastics Recycling Show Europe, organised by Crain Communications is one of the larger shows that has been forced to close early. The bombing of the Zaventum Airport, train network and attempted bombing at the tram station today (26.03.16) have meant that the few are visiting the city and residences are being urged to stay indoors at present. The police are currently conducting raids across the city with 7 arrested as we go to press. There is a tense atmosphere across the city as the army and police are on full alert.

The European plastics and recycling industry were due to meet on 22-23 March for their exhibition and conference at the Brussels Expo.

Jennifer Noakes, event coordinator said on advice from the venue that, “We’ve been advised to close down the event, so we’ll be issuing a statement of cancellation shortly. At the moment we are advising exhibitors and visitors to stay inside the building, as it’s safer here. We’ll be updating delegates throughout the day with advice from authorities.”

It is expected that further disruptions will be seen for the rest of the month to the event calendar with a range of event companies stating that they will be looking to postpone their events temporarily. IBM’s Cognos Controller User Seminar has canceled

The knock on affect has seen security be ramped up across France, UK and Germany as police fear that more similar styled attacks could take place.

We will keep you posted as this story develops and as the event industry reacts to these difficult times