Freshers Festival Group Acquired by Expede Group

Freshers Festival Group Acquired by Expede Group

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The Expede Group, which owns YADA Events and The Event Marketing Machine, has announced the acquisition of the Freshers Festival Group.

Freshers Festival runs a Scottish student event, bringing together hundreds of global food and drink brands, bars and clubs and retail providers such as Just Eat and IKEA.

In partnership with YADA Events, 2018-2020 will see Freshers Festival expand its operations to several cities across the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham and more.

All Freshers Festivals will be powered by YADA’s digital events platform. YADA focuses on social and emotional engagement, allowing event attendees to interact and share their perspective before, during and after the event. The collaborative platform will offer Freshers Festival a one-stop digital solution covering everything from their ticketing and promotion through to data capture and post-event marketing.

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