Global Growth Forecast For Event Industry

The UFI the global association for the exhibition industry have at their 17th Global Exhibition forecast growth for the event industry as a whole.

Over 262 companies were surveyed across 56 countries to build the analysis. The project looked in to 12 exhibition markets across the globe to give their trend analysis

The study stated that there would be increased uncertainty in Asia and the Middle East however the global trend would ne an upward one.

In response to the recent terrorist atrocities seen across the globe the study took in to account the security measures taken by event organisers and how any attack real or perceived could affect the market.

Kai Hattendorf, UFI managing director said, “As pleasing as it is to see that globally the exhibition industry continues to grow, we also see a separation between regions with strong growth and those with challenges and uncertainties. The present change in the global business climate will also affect the future development of exhibitions globally.”

To read the report in full details please go to:

The next ‘Barometer’ report will be conducted in December and published early in 2017.