Guidebook Target Facebook Style Functionality in Event Apps

Event Technology company Guidebook have announced this month that they are to enhance their event app by including ‘Interact’ – their Facebook styled engagement. What is Interact I hear you say? Well, they claim it’s a combination of features which attendees can use to connect, network and of course interact with each other. Sponsors can promote their wares through it and organisers can provide updates and personalise info for each attendee.

Guidebook today announced Interact – the next major enhancement to its industry-leading mobile app platform – designed to bring Facebook-like social engagement to events of all types. Interact’s unique combination of features can be used by attendees to connect and network with each other, as well as engage with event content and activities. Sponsors can elevate their presence at events and gain meaningful insights into how attendees view them. And event planners can use Interact to keep everyone on the same page, providing updates and automatically personalizing information for each attendee. Interact is available immediately on all Guidebook paid plans.

CEO of Guidebook, Jeff Lewis said of the new features that “Improving attendee engagement is one of the most important goals for event planners and delivering innovative capabilities like Interact that help them achieve their goals is one of our most important objectives. Interact allows event planners to provide better engagement and subsequently improved ROI for their events. The more value an attendee gains from an event via networking and better recommendations, the more likely they are to repeat attendance and recommend the event to others.”

Once the app is downloaded attendees can check in and engage with others. They can tag people just as you would on Facebook, tag event sessions or presentations, add photos and of course they can ‘like’ and comment too.

To learn out more and try it for yourself go to: