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Indonesia and Malaysia Reap Benefits of Halal Tourism

Indonesia and Malaysia, two fast growing and modernising economies in S.E. Asia are working together to develop a more Muslim friendly destination and product to offer to Muslim travelers to both countries.

The Asian Tourism Forum held every two years has seen the tourism ministries of both countries come together to work on the proposals. The deputy minister for International Tourism and Market Development at the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia said, “First, although Indonesia is made up of predominantly Muslims, we still get inquiries from Malaysian Muslim travelers on whether we have halal products. The cooperation is expected to raise confidence in Indonesia as a friendly destination among these travelers. “Secondly, Malaysia has managed to attract millions of Middle Eastern visitors while Indonesia is only getting a few hundred thousands. Middle-Eastern travelers have a month-long summer holiday and they spend an average of 10 days in Malaysia. We would like to get them to spend more time in South-east Asia by extending their stay in Indonesia.”

President of the Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) said to The Daily,“Indonesia Ministry of Tourism has already taken steps (to involve the trade) by inviting inbound operators to provide product updates on Batam”, so as to create combined packages incorporating Malaysia and Indonesia products.” More trips between MATTA and Jogjakarta, Padang and Surabaya are expected

The Malaysian General Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture said the new partnership between the two nations seeks to “find a common ground and share experience” to “strengthen each other. We will start off with having common Muslim-friendly packages that will meet the expectations of Muslim tourists.”

The Middle East and South East Asia are expected to be the main target for the new planned halal tourism