Integrity Languages

We’ve recently interviewed Integrity Languages, read what they have to say:

What is it your company does? How are you better than your competitors? What’s your USP?
Integrity Languages offers high quality, bespoke interpreting services to the events industry, as well as training on how to work effectively with interpreters.
What makes Integrity Languages unique is that not only is the interpreting and training customised to each individual client and event, but it is based on five years of academic research, supervised and examined by some of the world’s leading interpreting experts. Only interpreters with a proven track record of delivering high impact work get selected and clients have the option to maintain the same team for every event, subject to individual availability.

Where do you see the event market heading in 2016 and why?
While the trend towards technology has a lot of suppliers and managers reaching for apps and cloud-based services, the biggest trend is going to be back towards personalisation and the human touch. On-site staff quality will become an even bigger issue, especially if the UK European referendum goes the wrong way. At the same time, event managers will need to become aware of the direct and indirect costs of offering no or low quality language services at international events. For that reason, professional interpreter and translators are poised to become the new drivers for industry success.

What new innovations or product launches can we expect from your company?
By the end of the year, Integrity Languages will release a brand new guidebook on working effectively with interpreters. This will move beyond the often generic advice currently available and will take event managers through the process of finding and choosing suppliers, building their own team, creating killer briefs and keeping communication channels open. There may also be a podcast in the works.

What’s the best event you’ve done to date and why?
Commercial confidentiality means that I can’t talk about specific clients but one particular summit on the creative industries stands out. Dr Downie found himself interpreting for speakers ranging from Palestinian theatre directors to talking cartoon pandas, all within 48 hours. It will take something to beat that!

What do like most about the event industry? what do you find most challenging about the industry?
No day in this industry is ever the same as the one before. If you can’t prepare properly, you just don’t survive.

The biggest challenge is learning how to become a temporary expert in anything, no matter how esoteric!

Where do you see your company in 5 years time? Where do you see the event market in 5 years time?
One big move will be the shift towards more direct partnership with events companies and a consequent increase in awareness in the industry of the importance of language services. That also includes Integrity Languages being more prominent in dialogues going on within the events industry.

As for the market, while Brexit and travel costs continue to loom on the horizon, the appetite for face-to-face meetings will continue to grow. The big trend will be towards non-traditional venues, with the Uberification of the hospitality industry and the quest for experiential events leading people away from traditional hotels.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting out as an event professional what would it be?
Make sure your people skills are top notch!

What else do you want to tell the event community about yourselves?
If you have ever wanted to find a way to build your very own interpreting team, Integrity Languages is the answer.

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