Kyoto Japan Joins the Global Destination Sustainability Index – The Green Index

The beautiful and historic city of Kyoto, Japan has become the first in Asia to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index. The index is a platform which allows collaboration to promote sustainable growth of international meeting destinations. It is the first global rankings for sustainable event destinations and being the first city in Asia to join could see Kyoto reap huge rewards.

The index will be officially launched this November in Kuching Malaysia at the ICCA Conference.

Matthew Stevens, coordination with Kyoto Convention Bureau stated that “We hear that there are as many as 50 more cities currently considering joining, but Kyoto is the first city in Asia to join and currently the only Asian city on the index. It is very clear that sustainability is a strong trend in the meetings industry and we are very excited about trailblazing in Asia with this project. I am glad we can continue in Kyoto’s 1,200 year tradition as a city that strives to live in harmony with our environment, and as a place of societal and economic stability and sustainability. I hope we can help push it to the next level and show leadership in Asia. We have a lot of untapped potential in Kyoto that we are excited to unlock