Los Angeles Sees The Launch of Source British

There is a new trade fair playing host to all things British, the event Source British will be launched in 2017 in Los Angeles. The event will showcase British craftsmanship, design and innovation.

The new event is being organised by Upper Street Events and aims to be a new platform for UK brands in the accessories, fashion, show, gift and homeware market to target the US market.

The event is to be launched on 13-14 March 2017 in LA.

Event director, Olivett Asare said that, “Many US buyers want to trade in sterling post Brexit, as the rates are more in their favour – a great benefit for businesses wanting to export to the US now,” said,. “They want British brands with provenance and a strong brand story.”

The recent decline in the value of the British Pound and strength of the US Dollar means that America is now a key market for British companies to export to as the cost to buy from the UK has decreased by 18% since Brexit was announced.