Magic Mirror

DIGITAL DAY, creator of digital animations for events have announced the release of his their new piece of event technology the: MAGIC MIRROR

At an event, MAGIC MIRROR captures via a smart camera the faces of participants (1-6 people simultaneously) in real time, it will then apply a mask to radically changing their appearance. The technology used is unique and fits the face of participants in following up 1350 points tracking with precision and unprecedented resolution.

The animation offers a wide range of families from different digital masks that participants select via a tablet: Venetian masks Maori Superhero tattoos, clowns, etc and of course the makeup of fans to support their favorite team in the framework of EURO 2016 !

Photos are printed on site in seconds and can be shared on social networks. The masks are personalized with the colors of a brand, product or according to the theme of the event.

Installed in 30 minutes at the scene of the event the MAGIC MIRROR, on a stand in a store, through a street marketing operation or any type of professional event.

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