Ecocity World Summit

Ecocity Builders (ECB) President Steven Bercu announced at the biennial Ecocity World Summit in Abu Dhabi that they will be “passing the baton” to Melbourne for their 2017 event.

The Soutern Australian city will play host to 1,000 leading international architects, environment specialists and urban planners. The Summit will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is only the second time the show has been help in Australia. It is hoped that the hosting of the show will add $3 million AUD contribution to the local economy.

The show is run on a not for profit basis which aims to provide education, research and ecological solutions.

ECB Executive Director Kristin Miller said, “Melbourne’s winning bid for the 2017 Summit was outstanding. For one, they are setting out to strongly integrate economics, politics and culture into the debate and context shaped by ecology.”


learn more about the show here: Eco City World Summit