National Pet Shows and Dogfest Sold to Fitz All Media

Fitz All Media have recently agreed to acquire the National Pet Shows and Dogfest from Brand Events who also organise Carfest. The new additions to Fitz All Media’s portfolio will complement their current shows: VET Festival and ONE LIVE Festival.

Founder of Vitz All Media, Noel Fitzpatrick said that “My aspiration for these events is that they shine as a beacon of hope for animal-lovers everywhere who can rejoice in the unconditional love shared with animals. I believe that we can create one of the best companion animal event platforms in the world for the visitors, exhibitors and sponsors through smart alignment and strategic collaborations. As an events team, we have a commitment to the community and a belief that our team really can create the very best event experience for those that respect animals.”

Nicole Cooper, founder of the National Pet Show and Dogfest will take on the role of MD of events. Her role will be to continue to expand the portfolio and produce the events. .

CEO of Brand Events, Chris Hughes said of the deal, that,: “Once again Brand Events is proud to have created and developed an exciting new festival programme. This is what we do best. These events will thrive under Noel’s leadership and ownership. We have worked very well together to develop them and Noel and Nicole will continue to have our support. As ever the deal will enable us to put our time, effort and resources into new experiential festivals.”