New Sports and Youth Division for Poken. Poken, the international event platform, have launched a new division, “Poken Sports and Youth” The new sector is set to specifically target this section, featuring a new game engine to drive fun and engagement at events.

The #EventTech company who are based in New York and Switzerland say they will focus on four key areas: academic based events, civic events, religious events, athletic and sporting events. They are focusing heavily on this area as they perceive this to be a key growth area with high levels of engagement and interactivity within the #Eventtech side of things.

At the Boy Scouts of America’s Order of the Arrow Conference in 2015, Poken created an immersive and interactive experience for the 15,000 Scouts in attendance. Their digital game engine was used to create digital “patches” for 200 learning activities around the campus. They also delivered digital interactive contact to screens throughout the event campus which beamed interactive statistics, guides and visitor info in real time.

Director of strategic accounts at Poken, Steve Smith said, “Poken has grown from a pure social networking product into a fully-fledged engagement and gamification platform for events. The sports and youth event space is diverse and growing rapidly.”