Perth Convention Bureau

Perth Convention Bureau Funding Reinstated. The proposed cuts in funding for the Perth Convention Bureau (PCB) have been reversed by the Government of Western Australia.

Lobbying effots from local business events stakeholders, tourism related industries and local business forced the WA government to reconsider thie proposals. The initial proposal was to see 30% of funding slashed from the budget.

Opposition parties in WA pledged to go further and increase funding by roughly 60% to encourage the development of the growing event industry in the region.

CEO of the PCB stated, “We are grateful to the premier and state government for the reinstatement of this funding, particularly given the fiscally tight environment in which the government currently sits.

“It’s an important acknowledgement of the high return on investment PCB offers and recognition of the role of business tourism in the economy and fabric of our state.”

It is believed that the PCB generates in the region of 30 times the amount invested by state in terms of spending within the state.