Regpack online registration software solution has just rolled out their latest set of payment processing tools, namely a new auto billing feature. Until now auto billing was available only to big organizations with deep pockets, as it is extremely complex to implement correctly. Regpack is used by more than 4,000 organizations to manage registration for events, camps, schools, courses and tours. Regpack clients will now have the ability to create auto billing options that are specific to each attendee, camper, or student without any additional cost.

Dr. Asaf Darash, Founder and CEO of Regpack says: “Our goal at Regpack is to democratize the data and payment industries. We are doing this by leveling the playing field so that small businesses are also able to compete in the marketplace with powerful tools like the big guys have, but at prices the little guy can afford.”

Regpack is unique in its ability to create any type of registration process through its conditional logic engine, which was developed by Darash as part of his Ph.D. studies. This kind of functionality allows Regpack clients to make sure every attendee or applicant sees only what is right for them. Regpack has been beta testing the new auto billing module with 200 organizations for the last 3 months and these organizations state their account receivables have gone down by 27% and missed or overdue payments have gone down by an amazing 54%. Payments are received up to 30 days faster and “there is a noticeable difference as far as the money we’re taking in,” said Michael Fusco, St. Helen’s Director of Religious Education one of Regpack’s clients.

Regpack’s auto billing feature includes the ability to allow users to set up auto billing or even payment plans not just for their total balance, but for individual orders as well. Users can set up plans and are billed automatically on specified or calculated dates sure as their first order date, without any action by administrative staff. Auto billing has been plugged into Regpack’s conditional logic engine allowing the system to determine which billing plan should be offered to which user. The system automatically decides this based on what will be best for the user and the event planner, camp organization or school, seamlessly.

Additionally, billing can be done on a percentage of balance due or specific dollar amounts. The new rollout also includes robust filtering tools to pinpoint quickly any payment errors and communicate with users in order to quickly remedy any payment issues. These updates help administrators using the software reduce their accounts receivable duties, and instead allows them to focus their time and energy on building their business, not managing their registration.