seoul tourism

Looking to do an event in Asia? Then look no further as Korea are now making organising events even more enticing. Seoul Tourism Organisation are offering new incentives through two programmes in order to provide more on-site support.

The Autumn festival features in their first programme. Events focusing on the business sector with a minimum of 50 delegates who are in the city for at least two consecutive nights can apply for complimentary seats at Seoul Mega Concert – a K-Pop night at Seoul plaza in early October or at the Firework Festival on October 3. (first come first served)

The second offer is more of a long term incentive aimed at business events before June 2016. Groups who qualify for this will receive 10,000 won (US $8.35) credit for food per delegate and a tour of the city.


Terms and conditions will apply for both offers. To discuss further and apply we suggest contacting the Seoul Tourism Organisation directly: you must apply by September 30th to be eligible.