Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Visa International Asia Pacific LLC have jointly introduced the latest online marketing campaign “Spice Up Your Business Agenda” giving special privileges and discounts of products and services for MICE travellers who participate in trade exhibitions in Thailand throughout the year 2014.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, TCEB’s President, disclosed that “TCEB has initiated online marketing plan for 2014 with intention to enhance Thailand’s image and create awareness of Thailand as the premiere destination for MICE among domestic and international markets. We will focus on encouraging our target markets to get involved in social media campaigns, as well as boost up their demand to organize MICE events in Thailand.”

The “Spice Up Your Business Agenda” is one of the seven online campaigns that TCEB has jointly developed with its business partners.

“Through this campaign, we will offer special privileges and discounts of products and services such as golf, spa, shopping outlets, dining venues, and airport transfers which will be given specially for trade exhibitors and MICE travellers coming to Thailand throughout 2014. The campaign aims to create demand for spending and extending the length of stay of business travellers coming to Thailand. The campaign will ensure pleasant experience for MICE travellers, while Thailand will benefit from increasing spending from the longer duration of stay in Thailand. The Spice Up Your Business Agenda campaign will officially kick off in April 2014,” says Mr. Nopparat.

Wilaiwan Thawichsri, TAT’s deputy governor for Tourism Products and Services, adds that “MICE travellers usually have high spending power and are long-stay travellers, so they are an important segment that helps generate revenue to Thailand’s tourism industry. This is such a great opportunity so TAT will strongly support the ‘Spice up your business agenda’ project as it in line with the TAT’s policies and strategies. TAT will help promote this campaign through all of TAT’s oversea offices, both online and offline channels, as to raise awareness of Thailand among international MICE travellers. Particularly, the Chinese media partners will be an important channel to reach the target groups from China. This is also corresponding to the strategies of TCEB which put emphasis on the Chinese market. TAT is confident that ‘Spice Up Your Business Agenda’ project will help spice up and broaden travel experience for MICE travellers in Thailand, rather than simply joining trade fairs or exhibitions.”

Mr. Somboon Krobtheeranon, manager of Visa International Asia Pacific LLC, says that “It is a policy of VISA International to help raise awareness of Thailand as a leading travel destination and as a shopping paradise for international travellers. So we decided to join with TCEB to do the ‘Spice Up Your Business Agenda’ campaign. We have selected special privileges and discounts on services and products that correspond to the needs of MICE travellers. Throughout the year 2014, VISA is ready to welcome trade fair exhibitors and MICE travellers who are joining trade fairs and exhibitions in Thailand by giving them huge discounts and special privileges that would spice up their business trips.”

TCEB’s President, Mr Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, adds that “TCEB is confident that the ‘Spice Up Your Business Agenda’ campaign will help enhance a business trip, restore the tourism image, and create confidence in MICE travellers who come to Thailand for trade fairs and exhibitions. We hope this campaign will also help increase the number of MICE business travellers to Thailand.”

This year, TCEB expects to draw 987,000 MICE travellers and generate revenue of 96,900 million baht to the country. Meanwhile, it hopes to help strengthen the MICE businesses and establish the country’s reputation as one of the leading MICE destinations in the world.

TCEB has prepared gift vouchers from partner hotels and spas as special rewards for those who download ‘Privilege Coupon’ from the website. Apart from online channels, TCEP has also prepared ‘Spice up Privilege Coupon’ for those who register on site as well.

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