Steady Growth Predicted for Event Sector by MPI’s Economic Insights

The Meeting Professionals International UK & Ireland (MPI) met on 18th January in London for their half day conference on Economic Insights. The event was held to look at the development of the event sector over the coming year for the UK and Ireland. MPI often hold annual meetings and get together to shine a light on the upcoming market for the events industry. This year’s event is taking place against a back drop of reportedly a relatively successful year for UK based event organisers.

In total over 50 attendees met for the networking lunch and presentation sessions. The Vice President of Education for MPI UK and Ireland, Jacqui Mulligan welcomed presenters, among others: Markits senior economist – Jack Kennedy EventTech Labs – James Morgan, American Express Meetings – Richard Parker, Trinity Event Solutions Jacqui Kavanagh, President of MPI UK and Ireland Richard Parker

The overall theme was to look at how they predicted 2016 to pan out for the industry and how it would affect their work. Although the event market can be somewhat difficult to predict the respondents were basing it on their real life experience over the last year of business across the event sector they work in. As a whole the mood was upbeat with most predicting a steady growth of the events market across the UK and Ireland. This feedback has been noted across the European industry over the last few months.
It must be noted that the growth is predicted to be somewhat slow due to the general growing doubt in the overall worldwide economy, areas such as low oil price, mining and natural resource issues combined with the slow down in the Chinese economy were all a factor in this.
We will keep you posted as further reports, meetings and findings are released later in the year to show the size and scope of the UK events market for 2016.