Reduce Event Drop Outs

Target Lost Attendees, Reduce Event Drop Outs. It’s well known in the event industry that unfortunately not everyone who registers for an event will attend. For free to attend events the attendance rate can be from as low as 40% to as high as 60% on average. It varies across the industries, date and location. To add to this we’ve all had it when potential attendees have completed the majority of their registration but not finished filling in the form. All event organisers have at one time in their career wished that they could get their attendee numbers higher.

Well now maybe you can. Bizzabo, the event management platform have released a new tool which they claim helps complete registrations of attendees who abandon their registration part way through/

The new tool is called “Hote Leads” and it allows organisers to target those who do not complete their registration. It will send targeted emails offering additional incentives to encourage them to register for the event. The platform provides accurate reporting to judge whether the targeted email campaign is working and suggests ways they may wish to tweak it to encourage higher registrations. Additional features allow you to look further in to the data and understand if further registration revenue was recovered too.

Alon Alroy, Co-Founder of Bizzabo and CMO said, “Hot Leads is one of the newest features in our mission to make event organizers smart event marketers. It enables organizations to focus on their event success and take advantage of the news trends in marketing automation…. So far we’ve seen 80% conversion rate form abandoned attendees to successful registrations”

We’re hoping to get our hands on the tool early next month, we will post out official review then and let you know if the conversion tool is as hot as Alon claims.