Istanbul Events

Terror Attack Forces Istanbul Events to Be Canceled. In the aftermath of the shocking bomb attack in Istanbul by terrorist in the last week there have been numerous events canceled across the city as a result.

The International Maritime Conference has been on of the larger events which decided to cancel in the wake of the terrorist attacked. The show was originally planned to take place in Istanbul February 2016. The show normally brings together in excess of 2,500 people along from throughout the world. Organiser of the event Hamburg Messe stated that the, “The tense political situation in the region and the changing Turkish shipbuilding market have created a sense of uncertainty among international exhibitors, leading to a general reluctance to register for the SMM Istanbul conference and exhibition.

The attack which place on the 12th January was a suicide bomb which specifically targeted tourists in a busy area of Istanbul. Tragically 8 Germans were among those who were killed out of a total of 11.

”The Istanbul Convention Bureau have stated that it is business as normal in the wake of the attacks and that events should still go ahead. Ibrahim Caglar from the convertion bureau stated, “I condemn with hatred the inhuman terrorist attack that occurred in Istanbul. Istanbul is the city of both East and West. I state regretfully that the target was already to wreck that cultural togetherness”…“The most crucial support to the fight against terrorism is to maintain our economic life and to continue our travel plans.”

“Moreover, this terrorist attack is a link of the chain of terrorism that occurred in Paris and other European cities. Lately, all world cities have been going through the security threats due to the terrorism.

With all travel for events it is advised that you check with your foreign office to ask for official advice on the security situation within each specific country.