event apps productivity

In this post we look at some of our personal favourites for when it comes to apps to use at and on your way to an event. We’re not talking #eventtech apps such as specific event planning technology, no, instead we’re looking at a few apps that can make you a more productive #eventprof

Tripit – Organise all your travel in one simple app, keep your itineraries and confirmations all in one place

Business Card Reader – why carry round a piece of hardware if your phone can scan them and type them up for you?

Evernote – One of the best apps out there for sync notes between devices and keeping detailed ideas.

Translation – This amazingly cool app from Google allows you to hold your phone camera at a number of foreign languages and it will translate them instantly for you….what a time to be alive!

Receipt and Mileage Tracker – Keeping track of expenses can be tricky if you’re running around, trying to run a show. This app makes it far easier to manage your outgoings.

Uber  – this one goes without saying, easier to expense your company and far more fun than hailing a taxi.

Whatsapp – Group live chats can make communication a lot easier

Flight Track – Ensure you and everyone else coming to the event is on time, it’s alway best to plan ahead

Plan with a list – All #eventprofs have a secret passion for list writing, here’s the best one of them all. It allows you to sign them and it’s surprisingly a lot of fun

GDrive – keep all your documents in one place, the cloud! Far easier access to important docs on your desktop in the office