Ticketscripts’ Clients said to See 125% Increase in Mobile Conversion of Ticket Sales

Ticketscript have recently launched a new look ‘ticketshop’ the results are said to be a phenomenal increase in ticket sales and conversion rates.

Statistics released by the ticket software company are said to show an increase in 125% ni mobile conversion. Also that customers purchasing tickets are now 4x as likely to use a mobile instead of a desktop device to make the purchase. The new findings give vindication to the companies plans to move further in to the mobile device market, allowing customers to purchase tickets on the move.

Over 63% of users are now using mobile compared with just 45% last year. CEO & Co-founder, Frans Jonker said that,“The summer has been an extremely successful period for our clients who have benefitted from the launch of our new ticketshop. Our aim is to provide a solution that gives ticket buyers the most seamless purchasing journey, particularly on mobile. The latest numbers indicate we have succeeded.”