Over the years, participation in trade shows, fairs was on the top for global promoting, for access to partnership and trends following. How it is now? We are all witnesses how internet power ruins traditional business. Obvious, it affects exhibitions industry as well. To sense a synergy model in this case, it is quite challenging, but really promising. Let’s look through a recent case.

Every year Milan, Frankfurt, Chicago and other cities invite you to come and exhibit your products globally, some of them invite you even twice a year. A huge potential and willingness to success.

But those, who have already experienced, know that the participation requires a hard work and financial challenge as well. That is why not every company is able to attend as many trade shows and as far away as they could potentially. There should be a solution.

Let’s imagine, you are walking in the traditional expo and stop next to the booth with 500 virtual exhibitors in one place. Enjoying a cup of coffee, on a tablet you look through the companies’ comprehensive presentations and can have an online conversation with the representatives. Great solution to discover more contacts per one trip!

By using this way as an exhibitor, you are set free from a huge investment reaching mostly target audience: you do not need to travel, to design a stand, deliver equipment, print posters…. Attending trade show virtually, you are able to test new markets and expand trading opportunities without huge efforts.

From the point of organizer’s view, it is a completely new value proposition. This economical solution allows to attract new companies and give back old customers to your event. More attendees mean more business opportunities on side thus generate additional incomes for an organizer.

As a result, this solution makes trade show more affordable, more efficient and creates a new value for all the players – organizer, exhibitor and visitor. Win-Win-Win.

This business model with a new technological solution was built by the Exponeer. Implementation tips, personal consulting and all useful information are available on the website www.exponeer.com