zerista event app

Event App Zerista Overhaul Their Offering with New User Interface. The new interface is said to provide information at a faster speed, offer more advanced navigation and create a more intuitive social media tool. All in all its update has been welcomed by industry sources as it allows attendees to connect and share data and information more fully.

Zerista’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Savage stated that, “With our new user interface design everything is easier to discover…Attendees are actually more apt to explore and use the app features than before.”

Relevant content is highlighted through the “intelligent Sections” on the home page and allow exhibitors and visitors to receive far more tailored information than before. Details of who each visitor should meet or more relevant exhibitor info is then shown to the user.

To add to this the new event technology allows users to insert photos, like posts and react in a more social environment. Savage continued that “Event organisers can customise the app to allow or deny photo sharing.. abiding by regulations around information sharing.”

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